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What is SMEC?

The Simbayanan ni Maria Enterprise Center, whose main objective is to become an educational hub of the members that will focus on developing micro entrepreneurs amongst the cooperators of Simbayanan ni Maria Multi Purpose Cooperative in making their business sustainable and progressive and to value the principles of self-reliance.

Services Offered:

A. Training Formation on Business Management Capacity Building Program and Skills training.

B. Access to Capital. Offer Entrep Loan who finished Entrepreneurial Training Formation to wit.

C. Business Advisory. Coop Bazaar, Product expo, Entrepreneurship symposium, focus Group Discussion

D. Business Registration Assistance for Business name on DTI and BMBE Registration

E. Business Information. Simbayanan Enterprise Directory and Coopreneurs magazine.

Business Education Hub

To provide free entrepreneurial trainings and seminar to its members, through linkage partnership with the following:

     Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

     Coca-Cola Philippines (Sari-sari store Training and Access to Resources (S.T.A.R.) Program that caters women entrepreneurs to the whole nation.)

Skills and Livelihood Program

Center conducts Skills Trainings to uplift the living conditions of people who lacks of skills and to build their own source of living and a business opportunity for none.